Free Agents

The list below are individuals that are looking for a team for the Texas Shootout Tournament. If you are interested in being added to the list, or would like to be put in contact with one of the members that are listed below, please contact our tournament director at

Open Division (May 25-26) Waitlist

Name Email Positions Rating
Adrian Huichapa
P or Outfield 7
Paul Moore P or 3B, Infield
Michelle Hardin 1B, 2B, P 8
Horacio Armendariz 1B, 2B, 3B, P, C 11
David Parker Primary: C, P, 1, 2, RF 8
Macy Carrizo LC, RC, RF D
Timothy Miller 1B, Infield 11/12
Robert Albiar 3B, C, 2B 9
Kyle Dunn 1B (or where needed) 11
Raymon Morrison 2B, 3B, SS 10
Gerardo Flores C, RF 6
Timothy Komazec Any Position except Pitcher 11
R Danny Garcia Pitcher / EH 12 (wants to play C)

Updated: 05/21/19

Women's Division (June 15th) Waitlist

Name Email Positions Rating
Jessica Guevara 1st, 2nd, Catch, and Outfield C Player

Updated: 05/21/19

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